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FL4-10 Vollautomatische hydraulische ineinandergreifende Boden eco Ziegelsteinmaschine


FL4-10 Vollautomatische hydraulische verriegelung boden eco mauermaschine \ n Produkt beschreibung \ n

>> What is the pic show of FL4-10

FL4-10 complete line including : 1. electri crusher 2. electric sieve 3. 4meters conveyor belt  4. JQ350mixer  5. 6meters conveyor belt machine (you can choose host mahcine with brick transfer conveyor belt; you also can choose brick platform )

>>What is the main parameters of  FL4-10

Overall size 2260*1500*2100mm
Power 11Kw
Hydraulic pressure
31.5 Mpa
electric engine
Weight 3500kgs
Mixer type JQ350
Shaping cycle 8~10second
2-4 workers (for whole production line)
Voltage 380V/240V/440V or according to local voltage
Capacity 11520pcs/day
Material clay(soil sand) or clay mixec with 8~12% cement
Pcs/mould 4 pcs one mould
Components mixer,soil crusher,soil screen,conveyor belt
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>>What is the  parameters of convenyor belt for FL4-10?

length 6/4 metres
width 0.6 meters   
Power of belt 1.1KW for 6m and 0.75kw for 4m          
\ n

>>What is the parameters of mixer for FL4-10?

Over size 1200(D)x1300(H)mm
Total weight 330 kg
Volume 350L(25kgs cement)
Working cycle 1 min
Voltage 220V/380V, adjustable to local voltage.
\ n

>>What is the parameters of small crusher for FL4-10?

  Over size 1100x1100x1400(mm)
Power  3 KW
Capacity  500kgs/h
Total weight  300kgs
Voltage  220V/380V, can be adjustable
\ n

>>What is the parameters of vibration screen for FL4-10?

Size  500mm(Diameter)
Power 1.5 KW
Capacity  480kgs/h
Voltage  220V/380V,can be adjustable
Total weight  320kg
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>>What is the detail of  FL4-10 interlocking brick making machine
>>What kinds of brick this machine can make





No. Model Function
1 Plastic package Special for prevent the dust
2 Wooden package Cheaper price
3 Steel structure and plywood stronger protection during transportatio
\ n
1 Normally by container ship
3 We will remind you before the ship arrival
Loading port: Qingdao
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