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Automatischer Zement färbte Pflasterstein, der Maschinenpreise in Pakistan macht


Produktbeschreibung Automatische Zement farbiger Pflasterstein, der Maschinenpreise in Pakistan macht
The main parameters of automatic colored paver brick making machine prices in pakistan line
Overall size 3500*2300*2930mm 
Weight pf host machine 9.8ton
Molding area 1196*880mm
Water consumption 10~20ton/day
Workshop 260m2
Power of host machine 37Kw
Vibration force 100KN
Vibration frequency 2800~4500r/min
Mixer model JS750
Pallet size 1300*900*30mm
Shaping cycle 15~20s
Vibration form Table & mould vibration 
The main components of automatic colored paver brick making machine prices in pakistan line
The main advantage of automatic colored paver brick making machine prices in pakistan line

1. Vibrator and workbench become a whole so as to reduce processing of joint surface, fittings, the loss of energy transfer and improve the efficiency of the vibration, trepanning the workbench hole on the tank, and narrow trepanning area, put an end to the oil, to avoid damage to parts;At the same time increase the space between eccentric shaft holes, intermediate connection by excessive gear, thereby increasing the vibration effective area, making the vibration more homogeneous, ensuring compactness and strength of block products.
2. Using the air spring (gasbag pneumatic cylinder)clamping to realize optimal damping effect and the load measurement and height control. Vibration isolation effect is good and can reduce the noise generated by mechanical vibration.
3. Quick mold changeover equipment, guarantee the clearance homogeneous between the upper pressure head and mold frame and mold replacement is quick and easy.
4. Using the displacement sensor (electronic ruler). The sensor can send message and control by displacement sensor.LEZ slide-block type mobile sensor(electronic ruler), with the durable conductive plastic resistor rail inside, is suitable for the applications of position measurement and automation control.
5. Increase the racks. A vibration table does not bear a mold and external load, and can reduce the number of vibration isolation spring, so that the vibration isolation system is more flexible and the noise will decrease accordingly.

What kinds of brick this machine can make

What is the capacity of automatic colored paver brick making machine prices in pakistan line

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